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Sergeant Baytoes (C6)
Fortress Gaurds (NPC's)
Fortress Archers (NPC's)

The Fortress
The fortress is made of four structures surounded by a large marble wall with a look out structure at each corner. Each structure inside the land is made of marble and the largest one in the center of the land was the main building. The first smaller building was the infermary. The second was living arangments for the gaurds and any members that did not have a place of their own. The third building is a storage for weapons and supplies of all kinds that the clan may need.

The gaurds
The gaurds are the people that protect the Elvish Unions
home land and fortress. There are those that might try to steal
from us and cause the clan trouble. Their are also those that
would even try to kill and ravage Members of this clan.
The gaurds protect the fortress and keep track of who is aloud in
and who is not. While the Archers scout out and protect the
fortress by keeping away any animal or harmful person at a distance.

Sergeant Baytoes
C6=250HP D40 Speed5

Baytoes was born into slavery to grow up fighting as a monster
against gladiators in the arena. He watched his father die there
trying to win his freedom. Baytoes succeeded where his
father failed by defeating 20 gladiators in mortal combat. Since
then he has enjoyed his freedom working contract labor as a
bouncer, bounty hunter, enforcer and bodyguard. He also lived with
many different elf clans over a ten year period. He protected them
and in return they made him things like just about ever item he
owned. They also taught him how to exist as a semi-civilized creature.
He began making toys as a hobby to aid him in finding his center.
He is now the head of the gaurds and soldiers for the Elvish
Union. Though he is not preseant for the big decisions he helps keep
the members safe while in the fortress.

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