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High Elven Members
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Leader Hawk
Advisor Angelica
Ambasador Thenidiel Aleanzea
Ambasador Taven
Associate D'artagnon

Leader Hawk
C8=450HP D60 Speed 6

Hawk is the leader of the Elvish Union and respobsible for all their plans
and decisions. He is the final call when a argument is insued. Drow elf with
red eyes and white hair a man who wants to be known but not for his skin
color he wears his hunting clothes or darkened leather armor and two short
swords similar to roman short swords. He was banished from Menzoberranzan
for not killing elven children. His Name was originally Renor Haruk- black
death/ doom but discarded it for a surface version Black Hawk.when he was
born he was sent to the battle school and was taught to fight. later after
some small theivery he was punished by being forced to battle as a gladiator for
five years. He survived before his escape.

Advisor Angelica
C7=300HP D45 Speed6

Angelica is in charge of being Hawks aid and taking any troubles from
the clan members to Hawks attention. She is also responsible for reporting
whatever news she has to Hawk. Princess Angelica of the Western Elvish tribe is
the youngest daughter of the king. She is also the only living child he has except
his son, her half sibling. Angelica met hawk first as a child when he saved her a
group of the kingdoms elven children. An entire generation who was to be wiped
out by the drow's. She then grew up with his name as noble hero. She was to be
wed to the Eastern Elvish Earth tribe but her husband to be was killed by a
lycan. Who Angelica hunted down and killed. She found Hawk along the way of
that journey and in the beginning simply bound herself to him to repay the debt
of saving her life. Now they are in the beginning stages of a strange relationship.
And who knows how that will work out. Her skills range from a well trained
diplomat to that of a skilled archer and with the short elven sword.

Ambasador Thenidiel Aleanzea
C7=300HP D45 Speed6

Born in the Northern mountains of her home land and daughter
to one of the four great noble familes that govern the lands she
was raised with a very high respect for herself and other elves.
She has a bloodlne ability that only elves of her family have.
She can change the earth into any type of earth she wants.
Rock to marble, dirt to sand, or even rocks into dimonds and
emralds. She is Abasador to the Temple of Evil to help make
sure things work out best for the clan.

Ambasador Taven
C7=300HP D45 Speed6


Taven is a Royal Aura elf from Aurain he isn't one for most of the upper
class things he is usually formal though when speeking to another noble he
usually has his hair pulled back so as not to get in his way of combat
and it is during this time that something comes over him and he is not as calm
as he usually is he enjoys the heat of battle he is looking for his sister Kaya and
his brother Kayen he stands about the same height as a full grown human man.
Taven is the bridge between the soldiers and the Higher clan members. He
exchanges the problems and concerns between the two. He is also ambasador
between the Aura elven breed and the clan so to farther the treading union.

Associate D'artagnon
C6=250HP D40 Speed5

(Under construction)

I am D'Artagnon Kessel son of Valeria. I was adopted by Valeria some time ago and I trained under her with standard spell casting and defense skills. I have long black hair with a silver streak down one side, usually tied up because I'm cooking in the kitchen. My skin is a pale flesh tone and my clothes are usually green. I am proficient with magics, cooking, throwing daggers, and I own several horses. D'art the man of a thousand dreams. He is a caretaker of sorts. Tends to the horses cooks for the members when they are in need of food. He also acts as a brige between his tribe of elves and the clan.

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