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Welcome to The Elvish Union
(Under Construction)

The Elvish Union is a clan for elves of all types to work together
for a common goal in Tyran. We are also a trading union to
help comerce between races and lands from all over, not
just in Tyran but the home lands of our members as
well so to farther increase Tyrans own comerce and
trading deals. This clan is newly formed and we are still
accepting members of elven blood to be a part of
the main clan. Or people of tyran that may have
ability's needed to be gaurds for our lands or protection in
other needs.

Elven Members

Leader Hawk(C8)
Advisor Angelica(C7)
Ambasador Aleanzea(C7)
Ambasador Taven(C7)
Associate D'artagnon(C6)